Stay Strong

Hey All! This poem is dedicated to any of those out there who are broken or sad or depressed or is going through anything that is hurting them. I know that some of you who read this will know its for you, and please take these words in, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are kind, you are amazing, and you can make it through whatever you are going through. Everything passes, I swear. If you think youre stuck in a certain situation forever, you are wrong, it gets better, I swear to you. ❤

Cold air rushing through

Every bone inside of you

Every shiver down your spine

Makes you shrivel up inside

Feeling your bones move with the ache of tomorrow

Listening in on every sorrow

But dont fret my dear

The end isn’t near

You have time, wipe those tears

Please dont fear

I’ll be with you every step of the way

Today, tomorrow and every day

For the rest of your beautiful life

Smile, it’ll be alright

Youll make it through

Just hold on tight

I know you will make it

Through this terrifying night

The rain is plummeting down

Etched in your features is a frown

Why cant you see

Beyond this day

When everything will be

Perfectly okay

Your life is worth it

Dont end it

You are perfect

You deserve goodness

Days are tough

Life is rough

We all have troubles and battle of our own

Please dont go

Wait its not over yet

Please dont fret

We’ll be okay

On another day

Smile, wait, no

Dont go!

I want you to know

We care!

We’re here!

We have your back

World cut her some slack!

Shes falling to fast

Shes feeling too bad

Help her Lord

This broken girl

She takes breath

Not a day a of rest

I cant say a thing

I dont know what to bring

I dont have any more words

That can help her hurt

God, you’re her only cure

Help her turn

To face you

So shes knows she’ll make it through

Because her fragile heart cant take anymore

Her soul dont know who its for

She doesn’t want the hate

So she turns to the hunger and the pain

But she dont realize its worth nothing

She dont realize she is something


Out of the ordinary

She is who she is

She shouldn’t try to change it

Help her God because I dont have much left to say

Except I need her here today

Help her realize it will be okay

Because tomorrow is a new day…


A New Morning

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful morning already, and I hope your day gets better as it goes on. This prayer and poem wasn’t exactly for this song, but as I was writing it, the song “Giants Fall” by Francesca Batistelli popped into my head, I really recommend this song, its so upbeat and beautiful. If you’d like to check out the scripture and story that song is based on, check out 1 Samuel 17! 🙂 I hope you all have a great day!

I open my eyes

And shut them for a while

My lips are starting to form

A renewed smile

My eyes dart around the room

Thoughts reaching yesterdays dooms

But I shut it out;

I get up and get a glass of water

I look around and see no more falters

I grab a devotion book and read my daily page

Yesterday I realized I needed to act more of my age

In a minute I’ll open up the curtain

And fill my room with something so certain

The light of the Lord and all his creation

Seeping into what you could call my work station

I have school to do

So many assignments

By 4:30 it has to be done

And sure it doesn’t sound too fun

But it doesn’t matter anymore

Because the dread of something is shut in yesterdays door

The giants in front of me

Are large and dangerous

But Lord help me see

I can be strong and prosperous

What was once overwhelming

Is now compelling

For I found happiness

In His true bliss

And I’ll find joy

As the day marches through

And I hope not only for myself

But for your friends and family

And of course you too!


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today is a beautiful day Lord, but of course everyday you create is magical. I need your strength as I conquer giants today. Help me to be honest and not to sin as I trek through today. Give me the confidence, clarity, and calmness to get through the battles I face. Give my family and friends happiness and hope as the travel along the paths of life. Give them good news and fortunate blessings. Help us Lord receive our daily bread. Thank you for the food we already have, the homes we have, the family we have. Help us appreciate them even though we may fight or disagree at times. Help us realize a silly argument shouldn’t separate us and cause pain, help us all come together in Love like you have loved us. Thank you Lord for all that you have done.

In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.

Painted Anew

Here is another one of Shalymar’s amazing poems, thank you so much for sharing this Shalymar!!! 🙂

Painted anew,
A world so endless,
And I can’t see how,
How we can write a story about what we hear,
About what they’ve done,
I will paint it all anew,
Anew you will see,
I will amend how things have been,
I’ll give you my dream,
So we can share it,
So we can share a new life,
I will paint it all anew,
I look up at those stars above,
How they spread out in the sky,
To show you and me where to go,
So let’s go,
Go somewhere,
I can paint it all anew,
I see a man bent over the road,
Gazing at a water puddle,
I can’t see clear as glass,
For I don’t know,
So I pass on,
I don’t make my mind,
I will paint it all anew,
I watch the sunrise with a soft glow,
Shining fragments of light over me,
A world so endless we are,
Endless of what we see,
I will paint it all anew,
I’ll grab my brush and show you different,
Reflecting this world to a mirror,
If I grabbed a blindfold and told you,
That I see different from you,
How would you see me?
The same blindfold over our eyes,
I will paint it all anew,
If I told you what I have done,
Would you smile at me,
Or avert your eyes?
Would you go on with all you’ve done?
I stare at the ocean drift,
Can we see the same thing?
How can we be equal,
If I’m not you and you’re not me?
I will paint it all anew,
I want you to stop using your eyes,
Ignore what they’ve done,
Because it is not your right,
So when I give you my brush,
You will take it and see that we’re only human,
No one deserves what you think,
You and I will paint it all anew.

A prayer for Healing

Hi All! I hope you like this prayer I made and I would be super grateful if you prayed this prayer with me. Thank you all so much for being kind enough to take the time to read my blog and for being so kind. ❤

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today is a beautiful day, so much joy is escalating around my house as the weekend plans await us.  Help me grasp you Lord, I need you, I need hope and happiness. I know you want to help me, I know you can heal me, I know you will fulfill your promise, but until then, help give me peace because I cant find it on my own. And not only do I want to pray for my own help, I pray you heal my family, my friends, my acquaintances, my family’s friends. I haven’t heard from a friend who is going through a lot in a while, I pray she heals and replies so I know shes okay. I pray for another friend who is so broken but is always so kind to me. I pray you heal her heart and give her the strength to hold on in her situation. I pray Amber stays cancer free and my dads friends test results comes back good today, I pray he is cancer free and gets through this. I pray for the quieter friends, those I dont know much about but can feel their pain. I pray you heal their souls and guide them by the still waters they need. I pray you lead them all Lord into the right direction and that their bodies and minds will heal. Give them the hope to be patient, the strength to stay strong and your joy to give them light in their darkness. Heal our bodies and souls Lord, help us rejoice in the promise you have made us. Give us help and guidance as we carry on through out our journey. Thank you God for our family and friends, help us appreciate what we have right now and not what is too come. Thank you Lord for all that you have given us!

In Jesus Name, Amen.



Hello All! So one of my awesome friends wrote this amazing poem and I just had to share it. Here is the link to her blog and all rights go to her for this. 🙂

There are no excuses,
for how the world is acting.
For those who leave the bruises.
For those who are attacking.

For those who spread lies,
those who blame.
They ignore the outcries,
and should live in shame.

So I ask all of you,
can’t you see?
What you really do?
How we flee?

We say we will not,
cannot, make a difference.
When we really ought,
to point out the ignorance.
That we all live in.

Forgive Them

Hi All! Today I thought I’d write about something I think a lot of people struggle with, including myself, forgiveness. Its so easy to say what they did was unforgivable and I would never speak to them again, they are out of my life forever. Its too easy to do. So, I heard this song on the radio not too long ago and I loved it, its called “Losing,” by Tenth Avenue North and it is SO amazing. It talks about us forgiving those who’ve done wrong to us because we’re really the ones who are losing and hurting. Someone close to me hurt me really bad not too long ago and I finally forgave them for what they did, and I dont know, it just made me, happier. I didn’t hate them or dislike them or ignore them anymore, it felt good to finally be able to speak to this person with love and kindess again. Now, I know some things are so hard to forgive, and I’m no saint, Ive yet to forgive a lot of people, but I know once I do, my life will be so much better. This prayer is dedicated to us forgiving not only others but ourselves. 🙂

Dear Heavenly Father,

I have sinned deeply, so many times, I find it hard to forgive myself at times. Help me realize the reason you have died for me is so I am forgiven and so I live a free life. Help me realize what you gave up for me, your life. Give me the Grace to realize what Ive done wrong and to forgive myself for it. Please Lord forgive me for my sins and every wrong doing Ive ever done, even the things I may not have realized. Help my heart forgive the people who have done wrong to me. The ones who lied to me, stole from me, talked about me, hurt me, and so much more. Help me make amends with these people so my heart isn’t always in turmoil. Help me realize life is far too short to not speak to someone or ignore my family. Help me realize all of this Lord for I cannot do this alone. Give me the caring heart to forgive. Thank you Jesus for all that you have done.

In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.

Faith and Hope

Good Morning all! Today is Monday, another start of a super busy week. Here is another on of Shalymar’ s beautiful poems! Hope you all like it! 🙂

“Faith and Hope”
Help me is what I read,
I can’t unread it,
My mind can’t go back,
So here I say this,
I don’t know how to help,
I may give you all the gold of the world,
Little shillings of silver,
But how long may this fantasy last,
All the money will run dry with the wells,
So I can only give you this,
I can gift you a prayer,
Which I have,
I asked the LORD God to help you,
He knows what needs to be done,
And myself,
I can write this poem,
Give you a thought,
A little space in my head,
And tell you what’s greater than money,
Many people have it,
Many people lose it,
Some have none,
It can strengthen,
It can weaken with the heart,
So, I ask you to keep the flame burning,
The small flower blooming,
Its like the sun above the grave,
I don’t want you to lose it,
So I hope it will help you move mountains,
I wanted you to come back to the spot I saw you,
So you can keep your faith leaping in the air,
Your hope flying with the wind,
Keep this,
Please don’t let darkness snatch it from you,
Don’t let rough fingers break it,
For it has much more worth than money,
And maybe now it’s not helping,
But don’t doubt it,
Believe that God can do something,
You won’t stay in pain for long,
You won’t be shrouded by gloom all the time,
It has been proven to me,
So please, please keep your faith leaping and hope flying as high as it can reach,
Because this is what will help you most in the end,
Knowing God is going to do something,
And that day isn’t far away,
Trust me.